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How it Works

You can enroll by filling out a 10-10EZ form. For your convenience we have attached a copy of this form in APPENDIX B. You can by obtain more forms simply by calling 1-877-222-VETS (1-877-222-8387), by visiting any of the VA Healthcare facilities or benefits offices, or simply get online at

Section III on page 2 of 10-10 EZ Form states the following:

“If you are a 0% service connected noncompensable or a nonservice-connected veteran (and are not a ex-POW, WWI veteran or VA pensioner) and your household income (or combined income and net worth) exceeds the established threshold, you may be eligible for enrollment only if you agree to pay VA co-payment for treatment of your NSC conditions. By signing this application you are agreeing to pay the applicable VA co-payment if required by law.”
Which means if your income is above the VA established threshold, you agree to pay a co-payment.

If you want to keep your financial information private, you don’t have to give it to VA. All you have to do is on page 2, section IIB mark a box “ NO, I do not wish to provide my detailed financial information. I understand I will be assigned the appropriate enrollment priority based on nondisclosure of my financial information. By checking NO and signing bellow, I am agreeing to pay applicable VA co-payment.”

The co-payment charge is established by Congress and currently is only $7 for each 30 day or less supply of medications.

Simply put, you only pay only $ 7 for a 30-day supply of your medication, regardless of your financial situation.

It’s easy to join VA Healthcare System and is certainly worth your effort. For more questions Contact VA directly at 1-877-222-VETS.


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